Instructions for 355mm metal cutting machine

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metal cutting machine

Hey are you looking for metal cutting machine. We are talking about this machine, it is suitable for sawing all kinds of special-shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metal plastic and carbon fiber and other materials, especially suitable for sawing aluminum doors and Windows, photo frames, plastic steel, electric boards, aluminum extrusion, paper tubes and profiles;  Hand-held press saw material, material is not easy to deformation, low loss;  Saw cutting Angle accurate;  Small vibration, low noise;  Simple operation, high efficiency, can be a single or more sawing together.  Can make 90° straight cut, 90°- 45° left or right oblique cut and so on.  Grinding wheel cutting machine can cut metal square flat tube, square flat steel, I-steel, groove steel, carbon steel, tube and other materials.  

(1) The operator must be familiar with the performance of the equipment, comply with the safety operation rules, to prevent accidents.  

(2) cutting machine work necessary to concentrate, not only to keep a clear head, more rational operation of power tools tired, strictly prohibit drinking or taking stimulants, drugs after the operation of cutting machine.  

(3) The power supply line must be safe and reliable, and unauthorized pulling is strictly prohibited.  Before using the device, check the performance of the device to ensure that all components are in good condition.  

(4) Wear appropriate work clothes, do not wear loose work clothes, do not wear jewelry or long hair, do not wear gloves and cuffs unbuttoned operation.  

5) the workpiece must be clamped firmly, it is strictly prohibited to start cutting the workpiece clamping is not tight.  

(6) It is strictly forbidden to repair burrs of grinding parts on the surface of grinding wheel to prevent grinding wheel pieces from breaking.  

(7) When cutting, the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel and wear protective glasses.  

(8) It is strictly forbidden to use the existing incomplete grinding wheel, avoid sparks splashing when cutting, and keep away from flammable and explosive objects.  

(9) when clamping the workpiece, it should be clamped smoothly and firmly, and the protective cover must be installed correctly. After clamping, it should be turned on and checked without jitter and abnormal noise.  

(10) When replacing a new cutting blade or grinding wheel in the middle of the process, do not exert too much force on the lock nut to prevent the saw blade or grinding wheel from collapsing.  

(11) In case of jitter or other faults, the equipment should be shut down for repair immediately. It is strictly forbidden to work with sickness, stimulants and alcohol, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when operating.  Wear a mask or face mask if dust is caused during operation.  

(12) After processing, the power should be turned off, and 5S requirements of the equipment and surrounding site should be made.  The electric drill and insulation should be put in the designated place.  



(1) Before use, the performance of the equipment must be carefully checked to ensure the integrity of each component.  

(2) Check in detail the tightness of the power knife switch, saw blade, saw blade guard or safety baffle, the operating table must be stable, and there should be enough lighting brightness during night operation.  

(3) Before use, first open the main switch, no-load test turn several times, to confirm safety is allowed to start.  

(4) Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is consistent with the conventional rated 220VA voltage on the power tool, so as not to mistakenly connect to the 380VA power supply.  Shall not use power rating below 4800 RPM of the saw blade  

(5) The hand of the cutting machine must be firmly grasped and evenly forced to cut vertically, and the fixed end should be firm and reliable.  

(6) Do not try to cut saw not clamped small workpiece or with serious edge profile. (such as diameter less than 15 cm).  

(7) In order to improve work efficiency.  Before sawing single or more together, we must do a good job of auxiliary clamping positioning work.  

(8) Shall not be strong cutting saw operation, before cutting to wait for the motor speed to reach full speed.  

(9) No one is allowed to stand behind the saw, power supply should be cut off immediately when power failure, rest or leave the work place.  

(10) No hand shall be released or arm raised from the saw or workpiece while the saw blade is not stopped.  

(11) It is not allowed to operate when the guard is not in place, and it is not allowed to place the hand within 15 cm from the saw blade.  Do not lean over or around the saw machine. If there is abnormal sound on the body

(12) during operation, stop the inspection immediately.  Before repairing or replacing accessories, cut off the power supply and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.  

(13) When using a cutting machine, such as working in a wet place, you must stand on an insulating pad or a dry board.  Safety precautions must be taken for climbing or using in explosion-proof and other dangerous areas.  

(1) A professional electrician should regularly replace the carbon brush and saw blade of the cutting machine and check whether the return force of the spring is in good condition.  

(2) Ensure that the whole fuselage of the cutting machine is in good condition, clean and remove dirt, and ensure that the saw blade runs smoothly.  

(3) Professional personnel regularly check whether the parts of the cutting machine are damaged, and replace and repair the parts that are seriously damaged and can no longer be used in time.  

(4) Timely supplement the body screws and fasteners lost on the fuselage during operation.  

(5) Regularly check whether the bearing, gear and cooling air hood of the transmission part are flexible and intact, and timely add lubricating oil to the rotating part to prolong the service life of the hand electric drill.  

(6) After use, the hand electric drill should be returned to the tool store in time for safekeeping.  Do not store in the personal tool cabinet overnight.  

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